Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline is an airline based in the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai. This airline is one of the subsidiaries of The Emirates Group, the owner of which is the Investment Corporation of Dubai, under the government of Dubai. In the Middle East, the Emirates Airline is the most important airline, handling at least 3,600 flights every week. It ranks fourth among the largest airlines of the world in terms of the number of passengers it carries every year. It ranks second among major airlines of the world on the basis of the aerial distance it covers annually. Its non-stop flight introduced for commercial purpose is from Dubai to New Zealand’s Auckland.

The hub of Emirates Airline is the Dubai International Airport. With the Emirates Airline, you can fly to 140 cities located in 81 countries in various parts of the world. Emirates SkyCargo operates the cargo activities of Emirates Airline.

History of the Emirates Airline

The date of establishment of the Emirates Airline is 25th March 1985. Before it was founded, Gulf Air used to provide service in Dubai. After the Gulf Air ceased to provide services in Dubai in the 1980s, Emirates Airline was introduced in the year 1985. The royal family of Dubai backed it and Pakistan International Airlines provided the first two aircraft. Pakistan International Airlines also arranged for training facilities to cabin crew of Emirates. Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum became its chairman. Since then, Emirates Airline has expanded its services and facilities over the years.


Emirates Airline provided employment to 38,797 people in the year 2011. The Emirates Group, its parent company, provided employment to at least 50,000 people. Of these 50,000 employees, 10,785 were taken as cabin crew, 1,904 were engineers, 2,237 were appointed as deck crew and 9,084 were recruited for several other posts.

Emirates Airline takes good care of its employees. They get benefits like health plans, sick leave, and paid maternity leave. In order to manage performance, Emirates Airline employs the strategy of using profit sharing and also merit payment as its competency-centric approach.

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